• BP785


No. of shafts: 2

Supports per shaft: 8 units

No. of blades per shaft: 60

Total no. of blades: 120

Separation adjustment between shafts: 270 - 300 mm

Power motors: 2 x 1.5 Kw

1. Blades: Every support has four blades which, as well as being exchangeable, are reversible by the four sides, thus optimising their durability. The Bottle Piercer has a set of picks for cleaning between the blade supports.


2. Blades support: The blades support is built into the shafts and the number of blades and supports depends on the equipment model.


3. Gear motors: There are two gear motors, one for each shaft. The difference is that one motor is fixed while the other can be moved to adjust the distance between the shafts from 270 to 300 mm, using a tuner.